Open the door to new orthotic possibilities

Why 3D printing and scanning?

99.7% printing accuracy

We are the only UK 3D print supplier ā€“ providing practices with the most cutting-edge technology in the O&P industry.

100% custom

Our software lets patients create an orthosis that is truly theirs ā€“ allowing them to feel and look good.

3 week delivery guarantee

With less manual input needed and fast turnaround times, orthoses are ready within 2 weeks.

Up to 95% less waste

The high quality, eco-friendly orthotic materials use significantly less waste.

Up to 50% less processing time

Our software allows clinicians to create an orthosis with their patient in minutes ā€“ saving hours, money and manual input.

Watch business boom

3D scanning and printing attracts patients who want better treatment with the latest technology.

Our process


The concept Invent Medical has created is to make the whole orthotic prescription and configuration process as short as possible. Within minutes, clinicians directly scan patients, a cast, or a plaster model on a sub-millimetre level.


The patient then chooses how their orthosis will look. Using a configurator app, the clinician and patient work together to create, modify and align the orthosis to be 100% custom to their taste and lifestyle.


We make exactly what you order. Once you've uploaded your scan and configured your product, automations create the print file and each product is designed and tested to give you and your patients confidence that the orthosis will meet your patient's needs. Repeatability and reliability are key to our and your success.


With less manual input needed to manufacture the orthosis, the turnaround time for modelling, printing and finishing is quicker than traditional methods, which means it is guaranteed to arrive within three weeks.


Because of the process being automatic, there is less assembly needed, which means the orthosis will arrive fitting the patient perfectly, with less need for adjustments.


Each product range is designed to be beautiful and robust. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Transform how your practice works

Discover a more efficient, accurate process when your practice invests in 3D scanning and printing, which lets you create a 100% custom-fit orthosis for a patient in minutes.