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man walking with a prosthetic limb


Globally, over one million people per year experience a major amputation due to trauma or diabetes. An amputation can have a huge effect on your life. From functional mobility, autonomy, to what you do daily – common symptoms and challenges you may face include:

  • Weight-bearing pressure
  • Residual limb issues
  • Socket frustrations
  • Phantom sensation
  • Phantom limb pain
  • Congestion
  • Dermatologic problems
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Adductor roll

Not only can it impact you physically, it can impact you mentally too – potentially changing how you see and feel about yourself.

Our treatment recommendations

Augo, prosthetic socket

TT prosthetic sockets

A TT prosthetic socket is a great investment for regaining independence and a sense of normality. But for a number of reasons, it can be difficult finding the right product, especially if a prosthetic:

  • Is not within your price range
  • Is not suited to your needs
  • Does not look realistic
  • Is uncomfortable because it does not fit properly
  • Causes weight-bearing pressure
  • Compromises your ability to walk well or move freely
  • Causes skin issues

The prosthetic socket is the primary and critical interface between your residual limb and the rest of the prosthesis. So the quality, weight, fit, sturdiness, and adjustability of the socket design, as well as the overall aesthetic, are key to ensuring you are comfortable and in control to regain normality and successful rehabilitation. That is why Invent Medical created Augo. The lightweight 3D printed TT prosthetic socket helps you feel comfortable, confident, strong and in control with a 100% custom product, which is designed by experts with 30 years’ combined experience.

Get your orthosis in 5 easy steps

You are scanned directly by your chosen clinician.

You will work with your clinician to modify and align your orthosis.

Once 100% custom fit to you, the orthosis is ordered.

The orthosis is printed and cooled, and then dyed or painted.

The orthosis will then be with you within two weeks.