Get a step closer to finding the right treatment

woman holding a 8sole box with custom orthotic insoles inside

Get a step closer to finding the right treatment

There are a growing number of people suffering from chronic foot diseases such as:

  • Flat foot
  • Drop foot
  • Overpronation
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Arthritis
  • Ankle injuries
  • Sagittal plane stiffness
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
  • Arch/heel pain
  • Leg/knee pain
  • Hip/back pain

Foot orthotics

With more awareness of these conditions, there is now more drive than ever for treatment through foot orthotics. This is also driving those within the sports and athletics sector, as well as those simply looking for more foot comfort to find a product. But people don’t just want an off-the-shelf orthotic. They want custom-made orthotics. With all these factors combined, this has made the foot orthotics market skyrocket, which means there are an overwhelming amount of products to choose from.

While there are now more options available than ever, a lot of orthotics made through traditional methods are still not fixing the problem. They can be too bulky, have poor durability, improper design/fit which can cause more pain, or not fit in multiple shoes, resulting in multiple pairs of foot orthotics being purchased.

Our treatment recommendations

Custom orthotic insoles


The load on the foot is 50% when we stand, up to 120% when we walk and over 200% when we run. Therefore, feet shouldn’t be restricted when it comes to foot orthotics. They should help:

  • Heal and treat the foot condition
  • Prevent body imbalance and abnormal motion
  • Relieve and redistribute pressure through the foot
  • Reduce foot pain
  • Absorb impact

That is why Invent Medical created 8sole – the award-winning orthotics designed around the foot’s biomechanics for business & sports people, kids, and those looking for comfort. It steps up your performance, control and healing process, and is designed 100% custom-made and cost-effectively to stand the test of time.

Get your orthosis in 5 easy steps

You are scanned directly by your chosen clinician.

You will work with your clinician to modify and align your orthosis.

Once 100% custom fit to you, the orthosis is ordered.

The orthosis is printed and cooled, and then dyed or painted.

The orthosis will then be with you within two weeks.

Can I use 8sole in combination with other treatments or therapies for my foot condition?

Yes, wearing foot orthotics shouldn’t interfere with your daily life.

Are there any lifestyle changes or adjustments I should make when wearing 8sole?

No, you will actually find that you can do more, with less pain or discomfort.

What signs determine that the foot orthotics are helping my condition?

You might feel a little taller, your knees might feel less strained and your feet should feel more comfortable.

Will the orthotics require any adjustments or modifications over time?

Your feet might change over time, so we recommend you see your specialist at least once a year.

When should I schedule follow-up appointments?

We recommend you speak to your clinic, who will let you know when you should schedule follow-ups, regular reviews and look at second pairs.