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The future of sports face masks

Raptor Mask

In this industry, you’ll be familiar with seeing passionate athletes suffering from facial injuries, and it’s your number one priority to get them back on the field as soon and safely as possible. With prescriptions such as sports protection masks, they can be an invaluable investment for patients during their recovery process. It helps them avoid missing out on their passion, whilst also protecting their injury to allow proper healing and prevent any further complications.

But as you’ll know, one size does not suit the needs of every patient. Sports masks that are off the shelf or produced through traditional methods cannot always offer the protection, comfort, or visibility necessary, and ultimately won’t give the result you and your patient both hoped for. That is why Invent Medical created a new and improved protective face mask, Raptor. It helps athletes reach their full potential and confidence again, as the award-winning mask fits 100% custom to their facial contours and injury requirements with its unique lightweight, breathable, unobstructive design.

man wearing a raptor mask on a football field

Revolutionising sports medicine

With years of combined expert experience, dozens of prototypes and thorough lab testing, Raptor Mask was created with incredible precision, and a goal of being the best sports mask on the market. Worn by NBA, MLB, Premier League, WWE and Olympic medal contenders, it can offer confidence, protection and comfort to athletes who take part in sports such as football, American football, Gaelic football, lacrosse, rugby, rugby union, hockey, cricket, basketball, handball and more.

Created with a combination of perforated and smooth materials, Raptor is light, strong, breathable and unobstructive. The shell is made bespoke to the patient’s facial contours and gradually thickens over areas that are injured and need protecting, without a bulky aesthetic.

Visible difference from the first fitting

Helping patients get back to full potential

When prescribing the Raptor Mask, it is then 100% custom made via a 3D scan of an athlete’s face. It is modified to suit their exact situation to bring them the most secure, light, breathable and comfortable fit. Trusted by world elite athletes, its high level protective properties meet the demanding regulations within sport, allowing patients to feel confident when they go back on the field.

Keeps athletes protected with no compromise

With the healing process being incredibly important, and many patients not wanting to compromise their passion, it’s important they have a high-quality product that’s safe, yet practical. The high quality Raptor Mask does not obstruct or obscure an athlete’s view, which guarantees their performance won’t be affected when training – encouraging longer wear and better healing.

Expertly created to be the strongest and most durable

Raptor Mask is stronger than off-the-shelf or other custom alternatives, as it has been tested to achieve the maximum strength and protection even in the most demanding game situations. This ensures athletes are protected from further injuries and equipped with the best sports injury mask on the market.

The revolution of 3D scanning and printing

3D scanning and printing truly exceeds traditional methods. The process lets clinicians scan on a sub-millimetre level, using algorithms to prepare and print, as well as innovative design possibilities to create 100% custom fit orthoses.

99.7% printing accuracy

Improve customer satisfaction by creating a product more personal than ever before.

Up to 50% less processing time

The easy-to-use software lets you create a bespoke Raptor Mask and get it delivered within two weeks.

Watch business boom

Not only will you save time, you will save money by reducing manual processes, and attract patients who want better treatment with the latest technology.

raptor mask

Red Dot Award 2020 Winner

“Due to the 3D printing process based on individual data, the Raptor protective face mask ensures protection and high wearing comfort in equal measure.”

raptor mask

Grow your practice by offering Raptor Mask

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