Custom orthotic insoles

Helping patients heal at every step


A common issue that you will often encounter as a clinician is foot conditions, which can have a large impact on patients’ lives – whether it be daily movement or during physical exercise. Depending on the condition, foot orthotics are often the solution, and can offer great support in aiding the healing process and relieving the pain they are suffering.

However, the products your practice offers and what your patients choose is crucial, which can be difficult in an oversaturated market. That is why Invent Medical created 8sole. The award-winning MSK foot orthotics that step up your patients’ performance, control and healing process. What makes it highly different from the rest is that it can be designed 100% custom to your patient and their condition, while being cost-effective and durable.

woman holding a 8sole box with custom orthotic insoles inside

Orthotics with a personal touch

Created by experts with 25 years’ combined experience in 3D printing, 3D scanning, and design algorithms, 8sole has been developed to ensure you can offer patients the most meticulous, effective corrective features for stability, durability, control and pain relief.

An orthotics process that has never been easier


Foot pain is eased, no matter what a patient’s day has in store.


Thin and elegant, making them dress shoe friendly.


Tested through 2M+ cycles, 8sole’s durability enhances a patient’s performance.


Built based on profile and activity, 8sole is strong enough to withstand childrens’ active lifestyles and growing feet.

Innovative technology, design and feeling

Helping patients back to their best

Providing pain relief to help regain and restore patients’ balance and posture in the long term, 8sole has advanced cushioning and is made to fit completely bespoke and comfortably into shoes to support healing perfectly.

Everlasting, eco-conscious and cost-effective

With high quality, eco-friendly materials that use up to 95% less waste, as well as a revolutionary design, 8sole guarantees your patients high durability and wearability. This allows you to ensure your business is being eco-conscious, whilst providing a product that is worth every penny.

Custom to every patient

Built specifically on a patient’s profile and activity level – flexibility, thickness, ribbing, and add-ons can be designed custom to provide the perfect end product. The anti-odour, fast-drying and absorbent features also mean patients don’t have to worry about maintenance either.

The revolution of 3D scanning and printing

3D scanning and printing truly exceeds traditional methods. The process lets clinicians scan on a sub-millimetre level, using algorithms to prepare and print, as well as innovative design possibilities to create 100% custom fit orthoses.

99.7% printing accuracy

Improve customer satisfaction by creating a product more personal than ever before.

Up to 50% less processing time

The easy-to-use software lets you create a bespoke 8sole quickly and efficiently, and get it delivered within two weeks.

Watch business boom

Not only will you save time, you will save money by reducing manual processes, and attract patients who want better treatment with the latest technology.


How durable is 8sole?

We have tested 8sole with over one million repetitions of full body weight and there has been no deterioration or deformation of the shell.

Is there a warranty or guarantee for the foot orthotics?

The orthotic shell is guaranteed for 12 months from invoice. However, warranty doesn’t cover misuse or damage due to harsh conditions.

What is the delivery time for 8sole?

Our turnaround time from ordering to arriving at your clinic is 10 working days.

Can 8sole be modified in my clinic?

8sole is heat mouldable, but any alterations to our manufactured products will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Child on a swing wearing an afo brace

Grow your practice by offering 8sole

Speak to one of our friendly experts to find out more about orthotics that are ahead of the curve and how you can help your patients move forward with confidence by offering 8sole.