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Raptor Mask

Your sport is your everything. When the competition intensifies and game time arrives, you pour every ounce of energy into your performance. Regrettably, every sport carries inherent risks, including the possibility of facial injuries. Such injuries can hinder your ability to pursue your beloved activities, or worse, impede proper healing. To safeguard yourself from further harm, it is vital to take proactive measures.

Sports protection masks are a great investment, as it speeds up the healing process and prevents missed opportunities. However, one-size-fits-all solutions fall short. Off-the-shelf masks or conventionally manufactured options often don’t give the level of protection and comfort you need. That’s precisely why Invent Medical has developed Raptor, an innovative protective face mask designed to revolutionise your experience. Empowering athletes to regain their peak performance and unwavering confidence, this award-winning mask boasts a 100% custom fit tailored to your face and injury. With its unparalleled lightweight, breathable, and unobtrusive design, Raptor ensures optimal comfort while delivering unmatched protection.

What conditions does Raptor Mask treat?

  • Facial fractures
  • Facial lacerations
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Nasal injuries
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A game-changer in sports medicine

After extensive research, countless iterations, and rigorous laboratory testing, the Raptor Mask emerged as a game-changer in the realm of sports medicine. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and backed by years of combined expertise, this exceptional sports mask sets the benchmark for excellence. Trusted and worn by top-tier athletes in prestigious leagues such as the NBA, MLB, Premier League, WWE, and Olympic competitions, it delivers unrivalled confidence and protection on the field.

Whether athletes are engaged in football, American football, Gaelic football, lacrosse, rugby, rugby union, hockey, cricket, basketball, handball, or other demanding sports, the Raptor Mask ensures peace of mind. Its superior design and performance elevates it to the forefront of athletic gear, enabling athletes to push their limits.

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Combined with perforated and smooth materials, Raptor’s light, strong, breathable and unobstructive shell gradually thickens over areas that need protecting, without looking bulky.

Visible difference from the first fitting

Unleash your true potential

Rediscover your peak performance with the Raptor Mask, tailored exclusively to your needs through a precise 3D facial scan. Engineered for optimal security, lightweight feel, breathability, and unmatched comfort, it ensures a perfect fit, while complying with rigorous sports regulations. With the Raptor Mask as your ultimate companion, you can confidently focus on your game and unleash your full potential.

Uncompromising performance excellence

When it comes to healing and pursuing your passion, there should be no compromise. The Raptor Mask, crafted with utmost precision and premium quality, ensures that your performance remains unobstructed and unhindered, allowing you to train, prioritise your healing, and perform at your best without any sacrifices or limitations.

Unparalleled strength and durability

In the realm of sports gear, Raptor Mask stands head and shoulders above off-the-shelf options and other custom alternatives. Rigorously tested to withstand the most demanding game situations, it boasts unrivalled strength and protection. With Raptor Mask, you can rest assured you are shielded from further injuries and equipped with the pinnacle of athletic gear. Experience unmatched durability and fortitude with the formidable Raptor Mask.

An orthotics process that has never been easier

You are scanned directly by your chosen clinician.

You will work with your clinician to modify and align your orthosis.

Once 100% custom fit to you, the orthosis is ordered.

The orthosis is printed and cooled, and then dyed or painted.

The orthosis will then be with you within two weeks.

raptor mask

Award Winning Orthotics

“Due to the 3D printing process based on individual data, the Raptor protective face mask ensures protection and high wearing comfort in equal measure.”

raptor mask

Invest in your future

Create a 100% personalised orthosis with unrivalled performance, comfort and longevity that will change your life.

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