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3D Ortho Pro’s story

At 3D Ortho Pro, we understand the frustration and difficulty of finding an orthosis that will help you live an easier, healthier and more independent life. We wanted to change this. Standing at the forefront of a massively changing O&P industry, we offer completely bespoke orthotics as the UK’s only licensed distributor of world-class 3D printed products from Invent Medical.

Through top-of-the-range 3D scanners and printers, as well as AI-powered software, processes and services, our clinicians and users work together to design and visualise high-quality orthoses that are 100% custom fit. Looking beyond just how an orthosis functions, our products are produced to be performance-enhancing, comfortable, durable, and look good, so users can move forward with confidence and live their best life.

Why choose 3D Ortho?

Since launching in 2018, our CE-approved, award-winning services have been trusted by our friendly team of clinicians, software engineers and manufacturers to treat 1,000s of patients across 30 countries.

70+ years’ clinical orthotists’ experience

28+ years’ manufacturing experience in O&P

20+ years’ experience in 3D printing in O&P

Use up to 95% less waste compared to traditional methods

99.7% printing accuracy, including repeat orders

Award-winning innovation

“8sole uses 3D printing technology to actively involve the patient in the design process, creating a highly individual product.”

Statement by jury at Red Dot

“Due to the 3D printing process based on individual data, the RAPTOR protective face mask ensures protection and high wearing comfort in equal measure.”

Statement by jury at Red Dot

“With its choice of colours and simple patterns, this orthosis helps to suppress the stigma of a medical device and enables children to live an active lifestyle.”

Statement by jury at Red Dot

Meet the team

Clinician, Steve Mottram

Steve Mottram

Founder & Managing Director

Sandie Waddell

Clinical Director

Jane Hunter

Chief Clinical Officer

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