Made in UK by 3D Ortho Pro

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3D Ortho Pro are proud to announce that all their 3d printed products including 8sole and Raptor Mask are made in the United Kingdom to give stability in costs and lead time for all our partners.

In December 2020, 3D Ortho Pro transferred manufacturing from the EU to the UK to simplify and stabilise our supply chain, giving our partners confidence that their orders for both 8sole and Raptor Mask products will be delivered within our promised turnaround.


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Moving 8sole and Raptor Masks to the UK

The decision to relocate our manufacturing was not taken likely and 3D Ortho Pro has been looking for the right partner for over 2 years to make sure that quality and price were well managed in the process.

This move to the UK helps to strengthen our flexibility as we made sure we that security of logistics ensures that every 8sole or Raptor Mask is tracked and traced on its journey to the ordering partner.

clinician using an ipad to scan a patients foot

3D Printing 8sole and Raptor Mask with HP

Using only the innovative and advanced HP MJF printers to produce strong and reliable 3D printed products. (For more information on Multi Jet Fusion technology, click here)

Long experience, award winning design, leading clinical input and advanced automation development ensure that the design and specification of 8sole and Raptor Mask are truly innovative and special ensuring exceptional patient compliance, product quality and durability.

We know that our partners are confident that 3D Ortho Products deliver high quality and exactly controlled, tested orthoses for their patients.

Fast Response to our Client’s Partners

3D printing allows us to access the most advanced products, have print files created for local UK manufacture, keeping short communication lines and responsive product specification ensuring that we quickly meet our partner’s needs to help their patients more effectively.

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Improving Social and Environmental Standards

With UK manufacturing, this strategy reduces product miles and the associated logistics environmental impact. Combined with the low waste aspects of 3D printing in comparison to traditional orthotic manufacturing methods, our products sit lightly on the planets resources.

A transparent supply chain allows good governance and reflects our high corporate social responsibility (CSR) making our products as ethically sourced as is possible.

Our partners and their patients have the reassurance that wherever possible, 3D Ortho Products continues to minimise the environmental impact or the products that we manufacture and supply.

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