3D Orthotic Products visits Invent Medical

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Earlier this year, 3D Orthotic Products visited Invent Medical in Czech Republic with our UK partners to discuss the future of our products and services in the United Kingdom.

Invent Medical is both 3D Orthotic Products (B2B) and Technology in Motion’s (B2C) main partner in delivering 3D printed Orthotics to users in the United Kingdom.

group of clinicians looking at 3D ortho products

Invent Medical is our preferred partner in delivering our Talee helmets for babies which our clinicians across the UK prescribe to babies, and is one of our most popular products at our B2C business at Technology in Motion but is also known for foot orthotics with 8Sole technology and Raptor Mask which offers users the most advanced protection for athletes.

We use Invent Medical for 8Sole which we supply to patients as part of our B2C business which is with Technology in Motion and our B2B side that looks to help other podiatrists across the UK learn and seek accreditation in implementing 8Sole into their practises.

3D Orthotic Products had the chance to visit the manufacturing facilities over at Invent Medical to see how each 8Sole and Raptor Mask is made, packed and delivered to clinics across the world to better understand the advancements made by Invent Medical over the years.

The process that the company has introduced is completely bespoke with most of the operating system used at Invent Medical was made in-house to help monitor and track orders across the business instead of reverting to third-party systems.

Team reviewing an insole product

We had the chance to speak to Tomas Turek who is the Chief Software Architect at Invent Medical and is responsible for the system created at Invent to deliver on its world-class services that is used across the business, as he mentioned that in the run up to of developing a sophisticated system, they worked with manufacturing companies to get valuable information on designing and implementing an advanced ordering system that can be used for their partners to order and track their 3D printed products.

Their team is also responsible for the system that every partner uses to help scan and deliver Talee, 8Sole and Raptor Mask across the world which uses advanced algorithms that have been worked on since the start of the business in order to help create an immersive and cohesive system that delivers on excellence.

hp 3d printer

From the materials and the 3D printing process, they use HP as we got the chance to see how its done with regards to quality control, materials and the actual process used in making sure each product is perfect for its user.

selection of 3d printed insoles

After years of research and development, the compony has introduced a number of solutions to the business which users can enjoy as they have developed different colour schemes and designs which users can adopt and enjoy throughout any activity.

The complexity and years worth of experience with Invent Medical makes them one of the worlds leading producers of 3D printed orthotics and we at 3D Orthotic Products are proud in partnering with them for the UK market.

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