3D Ortho Pro Launches Piro

This new AFO and SMO offer a superior fit, stability, ease of use, and comfort for children and we are confident that the future adopters will embrace our new design to help benefit those who need it most.

Piro is an advanced 3D printed AFO and SMO that uses the latest 3D scanning technology combined with the latest 3D printing technology with HP. Piro is a single piece ankle-foot orthosis and spinal mobility orthoses that provides stability for children who have foot drop, Tetraplegia or Cerebral Palsy.

two children playing with bubbles. One child wearing piro, afo brace.

Who Would Use Piro?

Piro has been designed to be used to help treat children with various conditions like:

It’s thin and light which makes it easier for children to adapt over time, and with its unique design, it’s one of the most iconic and beautiful AFO & SMO’s on the market today.
We’ve seen first-hand how small children are unable to fit heavy orthoses into their footwear which makes its difficult for everyday use. To improve the mobility of our patients, we rewrote the original orthotics from the ground up to create an orthoses unlike anything on the market today as we combined our clinical expertise with technological advantages to help develop a ground-breaking device. With every stride, your child will notice the difference.

Why is an Ankle-Foot Orthoses used?

An ankle-foot orthosis, or AFO, may have been assigned to help you meet your specific requirements.
The AFO’s goal is to make standing and walking as simple as possible:

  • Controlling foot and ankle position
  • Accommodating a fixed joint position
  • Compensating for muscle weakness
  • Help reduce pain

When you first start using the AFO, it may feel strange or unpleasant as the device is directly affecting your joint positions. This should fade as you become more acclimated to wearing the AFO.

mother and daughter playing, child wearing afo brace

What are the Benefits of using Piro?

There will be no more plaster casting or adjustments. We employ cutting-edge technology to make the therapy simple and effective.

Its super-light – Piro is up to 70% lighter compared to other general orthoses in the market which makes it a lot easier for your children to walk in and adopt over time.

It’s super thin – Due to its unique design with robust materials, Piro was designed with tiny shoes in mind as it can seamlessly be applied with your child’s existing footwear.

It’s breathable – thanks to its 3d printing design, we have designed the foot orthoses to be breathable when it’s worn to help reduce the likelihood of it being uncomfortable and reduce sweat.

clinician fitting child afo brace

Where Can I get my Child's Leg Scanned for Piro?

3D Ortho Pro is working hard to help get its own clinics trained and certified to use Piro as we are looking to have more clinics across the United Kingdom ready to adopt this new orthosis.


The introduction of these new products comes at a time when many in-clinic providers are looking for an innovative solution that will help them provide their patients with more benefits over traditional designs, while also maintaining profitability by reducing production costs

If you're interested in learning about how Piro can be incorporated into your practice