Where to Buy Foot Insoles

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Deciding on where to buy foot insoles can be tricky if you are searching for shoe insoles for flat feet, shoe insoles for plantar fasciitis or shoe insoles for fallen arches, the choices can be difficult as there are a variety of solutions out on the market for users to look at.

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Finding the Right Insole for you

Finding the right insole for you comes down to a number of factors as most associate the condition of your foot to be the starting place for users to consider when finding the preferred solution.

With this in mind, one of the developing fields around foot insoles are custom-made foot insoles which take into account the complete 3D scan of a user’s foot to develop a both a preferred design for the user and also highlight any issues the user may not be aware of.

One of the leading providers of foot insoles today is 8sole, as each insole is tailor-made towards each patient and is 3D printed with the latest technology available from HP 3D printers.

The latest HP 3D printers can print a strong and long lasting foot insole that helps relieve the effects of flat feet, plantar fasciitis, fallen arches and more.

8sole’s custom-made foot insole provide loads of comfort to help get rid of general pain relief and can be used for comfort, business, sport and more.

Applications for Custom-made Foot Insoles

There are a variety of reasons why users decide on getting foot Insoles.

Common uses for Foot Insoles:

  • Holiday
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Hiking

Providing effective support for a variety of applications can be difficult for any foot insole, which is why the rib section for 8sole was especially important as it enables the modification of structural flexibility to the foot insole. This allows the foot insole to be adapted to various weights, ages or activity classes.

Using 8sole on holiday

Having 8sole foot insoles with you on holiday has never been easier with its slick and robust design, you can neatly pack your suitcase without losing space or having to worry about your foot insoles shape bending against the weight of your suitcase.

Walking with 8sole

Using 8sole on walks is effortless as it comfortably replaces your existing foot insole to compensate for any issues you have whilst on the walk with family and friends.

Preliminary reports on the use of 8sole whilst walking shows that it benefits the users balance and counteracts the issues plaguing fatigue and injury whilst walking.

Running with 8sole

Yes, you can run with 8sole foot insoles as its core design hugs your foot to make sure every step is smooth. Running with custom-made foot insoles helps reduce fatigue over long distances and plantar fascia strain.

Hiking with 8sole

8soles design helps hikers gain more stability on long dynamic hiking trails due to its custom fit. This added feature helps secure your foot to your shoes whilst hiking and decreases the likelihood of developing general heel pain and blisters.

clinician using an ipad to scan a patients foot

How to get my Foot Scanned for a Foot Insole?

The use of 8sole latest technology makes every foot scan seamless and fast in order to get the best foot insole for you.

3D Ortho Pro with 8sole have approved clinics across the UK who will be able to help you get an 8sole

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