Want to delve into the dynamic world of orthotic innovation, technology, and visionary partnerships? Listen to our podcast episode, ‘An interview with Steve Mottram’, where we talk to the Founder of 3D Ortho Pro and Managing Director of Technology in Motion.

During the podcast, we cover:

  • Steve Mottram’s remarkable career journey

Steve gives us insights into what moments and decisions led him to the forefront of orthotic innovation.

  • Orthotic products and technology evolution

From traditional methods to groundbreaking processes, we’ll unveil the progression that has brought us to 3D Ortho products today.

  • The transformative partnership with Invent Medical

We discover the story behind the partnership of 3D Ortho and Invent Medical, and unravel how it thrived and led to the creation of pioneering 3D orthotics and prosthetics.

  • 3D Ortho and Technology In Motion products

We find out more about the relationship between 3D Ortho and Technology in Motion, and how the two brands pushed orthotic and prosthetic possibilities.

  • The art of 3D scanning

We discuss the process and benefits that underpin 3D orthotic products – from innovative 3D scanning, all the way through to the extraordinary 3D orthotic printing.

Ready to find out more about orthotic evolution, innovation, and inspiring collaborations behind the UK’s largest network of orthotics clinics? Listen to ‘An interview with Steve Mottram’ now.