Protective Face Mask for Sports Explained

Man wearing a raptor mask

Injury is one of the biggest fears for any sportsman. If you’ve suffered an injury to the face whilst playing sport, being able to protect this injury will allow you to return to sport quickly and safely. Our protective face mask offers a custom-made and innovative solution.

What Makes Our Masks So Special?

man wearing a raptor mask

With the help of 3D scanners, we’re able to model a face mask that relieves pressure to the injured area of the face, diffusing any impact to surrounding areas. This protection allows you to go back to sport whilst reducing the risk of further injury to your face and protecting the operation site. Ready-made, high street alternatives offer a one-size-fits-all mask that provides very little protection to the face. Only a mask that fits perfectly to your face will be able to protect it fully and safely. The first of its kind in the UK, our face mask is able to do this as they are built based on the infrastructure of your face.

Made from carbon fibre, each mask is light and comfortable whilst also providing a tough and protective exterior to the mask. Additional protection is provided by the inclusion of a Kevlar layer, which toughens and reinforces the mask structure, which adds more strength and protection. Each mask has a low-profile lining and flexible strap system to provide cushioning and comfort to the face. For more detailed information on how our face masks are made, read our previous blog.

Who Can Benefit from These Masks?

Tom Soares wearing a raptor mask

Each mask is delivered in black and can be painted or vinyl wrapped to give our protective face mask additional style to the sleek, smart profile. These masks have been welcomed in a variety of sports, including football. Football involves clashes and falls that can lead to injuries that affect a player’s ability to return to the sport swiftly. Our carbon fibre masks keep footballers’ spirits intact and allows them to return to the game quickly and safely.

The effectiveness of these masks is not limited to football; famous names in basketball have also been seen to wear carbon fibre masks to protect injuries such as a broken nose or cheek bone. Surgeons regularly ask for information for their patients who play hockey, cycle, or who receive injuries from known impact sports. Our masks have become well-known in the sporting world, protecting the faces of sports players who wear our masks with confidence.

How to Get Your Own Protective Face Mask

Our protective face masks aren’t limited to high-profile sports players, they help many active individuals with a sporting facial injury. Through visiting one of our sports injury clinics throughout England, Scotland, and Wales, only one appointment is needed to conduct the 3D scan, and a second for the fitting of the face mask.

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