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Make Piro uniquely yours

Design your Piro

Piro lets children move freely and boosts their confidence through comfortable, thin, light and discreet AFOs and SMOs that are 100% personally designed to their body, taste and lifestyle.

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Choose from a palette of colours

Looking for an orthosis that matches your child’s personality? Find a clinician near you to create a Piro from a selection of bright, bold colours.

Pink piro afo brace

Award-winning orthotics

“With its choice of colours and simple patterns, this orthosis helps to suppress the stigma of a medical device and enables children to live an active lifestyle.”

Red Dot judging panel

An orthotics process that has never been easier

Your child is scanned directly by your chosen clinician.

You and your child will work with the clinician to modify and align the orthosis.

Once 100% custom fit to your child, the orthosis is ordered.

The orthosis is printed and cooled, and then dyed or printed.

The orthosis will then be with you within two weeks.

I’ve seen reports that AFOs are bulky. Will my child’s Piro AFOs be bulky?

AFOs are designed to provide large amounts of force and the Piro is designed to be firm where needed but flexible where possible. Design and taking account your child’s needs are a massive part of the Piro AFO’s design.

Can you provide information about support groups or resources for parents of children with similar conditions?

There are a growing number of social media groups and connecting with other parents can offer valuable insights and support.

What is the process for replacing the AFOs as my child grows?

As your child’s foot reaches the end of the AFO’s or they’re going into the next footwear size, you need to get them checked and adjusted or replaced if necessary.

How do I clean and maintain the AFOs?

Check the straps (and hinges if they’re fitted) and keep the AFO’s clean by wiping with a damp cloth.

Can my child wear regular shoes with the AFOs?

Some traditional AFO’s are very bulky and stiff making properly fitted footwear difficult the Piro is designed to be slim and lightweight whilst giving support and control where it’s needed. Your Orthotist will help you with deciding which footwear is most suitable.

Are there any specific exercises or stretches my child should do to complement AFO use?

Supplemental exercises can enhance the benefits of AFOs and your child’s Physiotherapist will work with you both on this.

What signs should I look out for to ensure the AFOs fit properly?

Proper fit is critical for effectiveness and comfort. Look out for very red marks or chafing.

How often should the AFOs be checked or adjusted?

Regular check-ups and adjustments will be necessary as your child grows and their condition changes. If your child is going through a growth phase and they’re feeling a bit tight, you should speak to your Orthotist or Physiotherapist.

Are there any specific activities my child should avoid while wearing the AFO’s?

Certain activities such as contact sports or trampolining may be restricted while wearing AFO’s to prevent damage or injury.

How long will my child need to use the AFOs in total?

It depends on your child’s needs. The doctors, Physiotherapists and Orthotists will work with you to ensure the best outcomes for your child.

How long will my child need to wear the AFOs each day?

AFO’s can be worn all day to enable your child to be able to respond to your child’s daily routine.

What type of AFO is best for my child?

Each AFO serves a different purpose. Your child’s clinician can help you understand what is best and will expertly recommend an AFO based on their needs and abilities.

Why does my child need ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs)?

AFOs tend to be one part of a treatment plan – helping maintain joint angle and range, stability and walking. By asking about and understanding the specific condition or reason for the AFO, it helps you grasp the overall treatment plan.

Child on a swing wearing an afo brace

Invest in your child’s future mobility

Create a 100% personalised orthosis with unrivalled performance, comfort and longevity that will change your child’s life.

Let’s take on the future together

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